Advanced Bike Trails

Advanced Trails

These trails are all off-road. They can be narrow with steep climbs and unavoidable obstacles. Certain sections of the track can drop off the side steeply at times. The trail surface includes firm and loose sections, with lots of rocks and tree roots. There will be poor traction in places and some walking may be required.
These rides are suitable for experienced mountain bikers with good technical skills, a reasonable level of fitness and for youngsters over 12 years of age. A decent quality mountain bike is a necessity for these trails.

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North Island

Biking trails in the North Island area.

South Island

Biking trails in the South Island area.

Most Popular

These trails are popular for a reason: well maintained, easily accessible, great accommodation options and mind blowing scenery too! However, this does mean that they will get very busy in the peak season and accommodation gets booked up months in advance. Take the hassle out of your adventure and allow us to organise it all for you.

Biking Plus Luxury

Piling all that weight on to your bike only to have to sleep in a hut, with a freeze dried meal for dinner, may not appeal to you! Fortunately, there are more civilised options. For those of you who wish to ride all day, then get to your room in a well appointed lodge or B&B, have your luggage all ready waiting for you and enjoy a hot shower before a nice dinner, we can help you find the perfect biking experience.

Kid Friendly

If you are keen to go on a multi-day biking adventure, and want your younger children to share the experience, then we can find the best option for you. The trails here are mostly flat with wide, smooth surfaces. There are plenty of townships along the route where you can stop for a break and refreshment and there are opportunities to skip various sections too, if required. Luggage transportation and a variety of accommodation options are also available to make things easy.


These amazing rides get you out into some incredible unpeopled wilderness, where you will find tranquillity and excitement in equal measure. We can help you find your perfect bit of solitude, and organise all the details for you too.

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