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Paddling in some sort of boat, whether it is a kayak, canoe or raft, is a truly wonderful way to explore some of New Zealand’s most stunning coastline, lakes and rivers.

Imagine being out on the water and joined by dolphins or cruising along a jade green river surrounded by dense native forests full of birdlife. Then picture yourself pulling up on a secluded beach and setting up camp, or arriving at a luxury lodge for an evening of spoiling yourself, if you prefer.

If you'd rather get the blood really pumping then there's few activities that can match white water rafting. Throughout both islands of New Zealand high mountains feed countless fast flowing rivers that run through the forests to the sea. River rafting in New Zealand has incredible variety and offers the full spectrum of excitement. At the gentle end of the scale you can have quiet drift through forest wilderness, while at the opposite end are wild, white-knuckle rides down ferociously turbulent rapids.

The following activities are some of the best paddling trips in the country in our opinion, but if you have something else in mind let us know.

However you want to get onto or into the wet stuff there’s plenty of options for all tastes and budgets, and of course Active Aotearoa will organise all the details for you.

You can book an individual trip or contact us to combine kayaking or canoeing with other activities and create your own unique adventure holiday.


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