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Why Choose Active Aotearoa?

Our Passion

If you get as excited as us about all the amazing activities possible in beautiful New Zealand, then you you have come to the right place. Like you, we are passionate about the outdoors and have been there in the thick of it.

Our Experience for Your Benefit

We take that personal experience and first hand local knowledge to ensure your tailor-made active travel adventure ticks all your right boxes. We start every one of our clients trips with a blank canvass, and then combine your ideas with our insight to ensure we get everything perfect for you, exactly the way you want it.

Commitment to Quality

We only recommend activities, accommodation and transportation solutions that we have either experienced ourselves or that come with excellent reputations. We are constantly travelling and researching to ensure these are all experiences of the highest quality and safety.

24/7 Assistance

When you are out on your adventure we will always be on hand, right here in New Zealand. If the unexpected happens – booking changes, weather delays or accidents -  we will be available by phone 24/7 to take the stress away and help put things right again.


We take care of everything for you - any activity you like as well as equipment rental, guiding options plus all your accommodation and transportation requirements in New Zealand too. Leave it to us, we can plan it seamlessly for you.

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