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New Zealand Accommodation

Across New Zealand, you can bed down at night in friendly little B&Bs, guesthouses full of history, comfortable and convenient motel units, modern hotels with all the facilities you can imagine and the ultimate in luxury lodges. Alternatively take to the road in a highly specced campervan, it's an increasingly popular way to see the country.



Bed & Breakfast accommodation is great for the little personal touches, and there’s an eclectic mix of different types of hosts and houses, which is of course part of the attraction. The hosts are always informative, helpful and friendly, the ensuite rooms clean and well maintained and the breakfasts always hearty, in the B&Bs that we offer as accommodation choices.

From NZD$100 - 200 per night


Motels and Hotels
Motels and Hotels

Motels and Hotels


Motels in New Zealand tend to occupy the main tourist and driving routes so they're generally easy to find. Compared to many other countries motel accommodation here is generally of a high standard with clean, modern and well equipped units, often featuring a small lounge and kitchen. The motels we will suggest for you will always be of a high standard, convenient and excellent value for money.

From NZD$200 - 250 per night


Hotel accommodation provides a range of facilities which will generally include restaurants/cafes, bars, gyms, and services such as valet car parking. New Zealand hotels are of a consistently high standard. These are generally located in the major cities - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and in key holiday destinations, such as Queenstown and Nelson. 

From NZD$200 - 400 per night

Luxury Lodges
Luxury Lodges

Luxury Lodges

When you are looking for something special, Boutique & Lodge-style accommodation offers a unique place to stay. There’s a diverse range of accommodation that encompasses historic estates, vineyard cottages or boutique guest houses; typically providing unique facilities and often some of the best cuisine you will find. Some of theses award-winning luxury retreats in New Zealand currently offer exceptional, world class luxury accommodation in the most beautiful and remote parts of the country. If you are interested, we can suggest some really amazing accommodation options for you.

From NZD$400 - 1500 per night

Motor Homes and Campervans
Motor Homes and Campervans

Motor Homes and Campervans

Motorhomes or campervans are the ultimate accommodation choice for flexibility when driving around New Zealand. It’s literally your home from home on the road and gives you the freedom to choose a different path every day. While you are roaming the country you will find countless beautiful and remote places to park up.

The best options for overnight stays are the numerous holiday parks and camp grounds dotted around the country. These have electrical connections and facilities for dumping waste. Outside of the busiest tourist areas in the peak holiday times of Christmas and New Year it usually possible to turn up without booking first. If you want peace of mind we can give you suggestions on the best places to stay and organise the bookings for you. Responsible freedom camping around New Zealand is also possible but it’s wise to check with us first about where it is permitted.

We can set you up with a range of different campervans depending on how much space you need and how much you want to pay. All the campervans that we book for clients are rented through reputable operators and are modern, clean and well maintained. They also come certified self-contained, which means they have toilets and showers that can be used at freedom camping sites. They have fully equipped kitchens with a gas stove, fridge/freezer, hot and cold pressurized water and heating.

Average price for 1 week hire (including nil-liability cover) 

2 berth: NZD$1400

4 berth: NZD$2630

6 berth: NZD$2800

Back Country Huts
Back Country Huts

Back Country Huts

The Department of Conservation manages a network of over 950 huts of all shapes and sizes all over the New Zealand’s outdoors. Even in the most unbelievably inaccessible and remote locations they provide unique places to stay or refuges from bad weather. They are wonderful places to rest and recover when you're out exploring the wilderness.

Most huts have these facilities:
  • Bunks are often sleeping platforms with mattresses that allow a width of 75 centimetres per person.
  • Wood burners for heating.
  • Water is usually supplied from a rain water or stream filled tank.
  • Candle holders are provided at most huts where lighting is not provided.
But don't have these facilities:
  • Gas cookers and fuel are not generally provided. Neither are any cooking utensils, pots, pans or food.
  • Showers or sheets or blankets. Take a sleeping bag.
  • Rubbish collection, so always take all your rubbish with you.
  • Toilet paper is generally not supplied, so take your own.
Great Walk Huts

These are the most comfortable and found exclusively on the nine Great Walks. They have mattresses, water supply, toilets, hand washing facilities and heating with fuel available. They may have solar lighting and cooking facilities with fuel.

Adult: NZD$22 - $140 per night
Youth/Child/Infant: free 

Serviced Huts

These have mattresses, water supply, toilets, hand washing facilities and heating with fuel available. They may have cooking facilities with fuel.

Adult: NZD$18 per night
Youth: NZD$9 per night
Child/Infant: free



Holiday Parks and Campgrounds

Holiday parks are incredibly popular places, not just for foreign tourists but also for many Kiwis on their annual summer break. The best are equipped to please a wide range of people for a minimal cost, and are especially great for families. Most have attractive landscaped settings, either in a convenient location close to main tourist centers or located by a spectacular beach, lakeside, river or forest. Sites are provided for tents and campervans and many also have simple cabins and more luxurious self-contained motel units. Powered sites and access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities are always part of the deal. We will always offer for the best equipped and well maintained holiday parks in New Zealand as an accommodation option for you.

Unpowered tent sites: From NZD$44 per night.

Powered campervan sites: From NZD$50 per night.

Cabins: From NZD$78 per night. 

Department of Conservation Campsites

If you are more into camping in a wilder setting with less people around, and happy to forgo a few creature comforts, the 200 plus vehicle-accessible Department of Conservation campsites, spread throughout the country, provide beautiful settings, and all for very little money. There’s always a long-drop (hole in the ground toilet) and fresh water available, and sometimes simple kitchen facilities. We can suggest some great options for simple camping right in the middle of some New Zealand’s best natural wonders, perfect!

Adult from NZD$8 per night, Child NZD$4 per night, Infant free.

Freedom Camping

Responsible freedom camping is camping in a tent, campervan or motor vehicle on public land, on a site with minimal or no facilities, such as toilets or showers. There are over 500 responsible freedom camping locations in New Zealand, each with different rules and regulations, and we can help direct you to these if you are interested. While they are free of charge, they are not free of responsibility and there are some basic rules that all responsible freedom campers must follow: 
1. Camping on private property is not permitted.
2. Visitors must have their own toilets, fresh water and waste systems, unless provided by the campsite.
3. Leaving behind litter and human waste is strictly prohibited at any location.
4. Emptying of on-board toilets is only permissible at legal Dump Stations, generally found in holiday parks. 
Remember that camping in prohibited areas and the illegal dumping of waste can result in hefty fines.





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