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An Active Aotearoa Trip makes a fantastic gift for your loved ones and friends!

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays - whatever the occasion an Active Aotearoa Trip makes the perfect gift for any friends or family that love to get out and explore New Zealand's stunning backyard!
  • Choose from our awesome range of featured active hiking, biking and paddling adventures.
  • Click on the "Book Now" button this will take you to our online booking page.
  • Select the number of participants and choose a date you want the activity to be available from - the recipient of the gift can then confirm their actual travel dates with us later.
  • Fill in the following details: 
    • The name of the person you want to receive the gift - this will be displayed on the Gift Voucher.
    • Your telephone number and email address - we need this to send you the confirmation email and invoice.
  • Click BOOK NOW.
  • You will receive a confirmation email for the purchase of the gift and a copy of the actual voucher with the recipients name displayed. You can either forward this to them by email or print it off and give it to them in person. You will also receive an invoice for the full sum of the gift card.
  • The lucky people you have gifted the trip to will just need to click REDEEM NOW on this email - this will take them to our booking system where they can then book the trip with their preferred travel dates.
  • Alternatively they can contact us directly and quote the Voucher Number to us and we can get their trip all set up for them.

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